the art of sleep

Optimise Sleep Guided By Ancient Wisdom Of Yoga Coupled With Ai
And Modern Sensory Technology

Non-invasive solution for overall wellness, psychological, and physical with sleep solution as a platform.

We at Cerebra Sciences intend to perfect user-specific wellness solutions. Sleep or the lack of it plays an important role in the mental health spectrum. Nidra, as a sleep tech solution, lays a strong foundation to be that trusted solution provider in the health  and wellness sector

Nidra Solution

Modern Tech Meets Ancient Practices


Mind Sense

Nidra uses multiple sensors to capture different states of the mind and analyse ways to help you sleep better.



Nidra uses AI to analyse the patterns of your sleep & provide tailored solutions to help you to asleep.



At the heart of Nidra lies ancient wisdom coupled with latest technology to bring about the best and most natural sleep solution.

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The Most Memorable Experience with Nidra App

  • Teaching you to sleep again
  • Improve mental health
  • 100+ guided tracks
  • Non Invasive Solution

Our Other Features

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Sleep Programs

Monitor Your
Sleep Data


Programs to
improve Lifestyle

Yoga & Diet
For Better Life

Sleep Music,
Stories and Lullabies

At Cerebra Sciences, we believe that the key to the overall wellbeing of a person depends on ones’ mental health. We hope to blend ancient Indian sciences with modern technologies and AI to deliver user-specific wellness solution

Neeraj Bhandary

CEO, Co- Founder

Meet our Team

Shrijith Chirayil

Co-Founder | President, Mindful Tech

Dheeraj Nayak

Co-Founder | President, Research & Sales

Ravi Narayana

Co-Founder | President, Software Design

Anish Shanbhogue

Data Analytics

Our Mentors

Dr. P. Venkatraya Bhandary


He is a Medical Director at Dr AV Baliga Memorial Hospital, Considered to be one of the best Psychiatrist/Psychologist in the country

Mr. Subhash Gaitonde


Former Program Director – CoE Data Science & AI at NASSCOM India,
Entrepreneur and Mentor to Ideators across various domains

Mr. Atul Javeri

Business Advisor

He is the CEO ion Eaglewings Venture Alliance Network (EVAN)and
also Investment Advisory Committee Member at ah! Ventures

Dr. Raghavendra Rao

Researcher of Yogic Science

Director, Central Council for Research in Yoga & Naturopathy (CCRYN)
under Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India

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